February 14, 2013

Peaceful and attractive setting, but far from the park

Impala spotted at Siana
Pool view.

The grounds were very attractive and we enjoyed the wildlife there (impala, tree hyrax, monkeys, mongoose). Our tent was comfortable, but very cramped for 3 people. The only 2 electrical outlets were located behind the bed and far from any mirror, so pretty useless for hair dryers and curling irons.

As at all our camps in Africa, it was difficult to find any place to sit and read a book due to lack of lighting. It got very cold here at night, making the bar area not very inviting since it was open-air. A pretty long drive to get to the reserve. I'm not sure what the prices are like at this camp since it was included in a tour for us. They weren't able to accept credit cards at check-out ("the machine is down") which was again pretty typical in Kenya.

We also all 3 got sick while at this camp but I have no idea whether that was caused by their food or whether we picked it up elsewhere. I just realized I'm only talking about the negatives - in general we thought it was a very nice place, the negative items are just pretty typical for Kenya. Oh yes - my daughter got a massage here, said it was the best of her life and only $40 for a full hour. And they arranged a birthday cake for her which was very good and the whole restaurant staff came out and sang.

London, UK